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Still alive!

I just realized I haven't posted in forever and forever.

Let's see - I'm married! I'm beyond happy.

Kevin never managed to write down his special vows (we did "nice things to say to each other" and then the standard vows), so he whispered super sweet things to me instead. :)

This picture perfectly sums up how I imagined my wedding. The photographer got this as I was walking down the path to my family's old homestead. It was perfect.

You can see the homestead and everyone waiting here:

and here we all are - I didn't even know James hugged his Dad at the end of our first kiss (as a married couple).

If you are the type of person who enjoys wedding pictures, you can see them all here:
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does anyone even read over here anymore?


So, SPSS, my old employer of 8.5 years, is being bought by IBM. For 50 dollars a share, cash.

It's very odd. It doesn't help that when I left about 2.5 years ago, I had to exercise my 500 stock options. Which I did, and made about 3k, after taxes.

If I had stayed with the comapny, and exercised those today, I'd have made 15k. Ouch . ON the other hand, I'm much much happier at my new employer.

I do still have 16 shares of SPSS from the employee stock purchase program. So, I'll make 800, before taxes, on that. Most of that stock was bought relatively cheap, I think. I'll have to figure out the cost basis blahblahblah I suppose.
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Gail's "New" Sewing Machine

Gail's "New" Sewing Machine, originally uploaded by knittergail.

I bought this 1960s Singer 328k sewing machine off ebay. After being serviced, it sews like a dream. The only problem is that nothing on it is automatic, and I keep threading it wrong.

My newest problem is that my spools of mettler thread "bounce" on the spool pin, screwing with my tension. If I lightly hold the spool down, it sews perfectly. How evil is that?

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Blizzard ari

Blizzard ari, originally uploaded by knittergail.

Ari was getting ready to go out in the blizzard! Momma and Daddy were almost out of diapers, so they were going to walk to the store. (The car refused to go in the snow.)

Ari decided that it was far too blizzardy for him and they turned back. :)

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Wedding Band Decisions

So, Aimee offered the wedding band from her first marriage for me to use. My mom actually bought the band, and its very nice - 14k white gold, a half carat worth of nice diamonds, size 6.

Freddy is Holding the ring hostage

Aimee and I had decided to do the funniest cleansing ceremony in the history of the world (It would involve margaritas, candles and wigs), but Kevin still felt all weird about it.

So, he talked to our jeweler, and he said that its possible he could remake the ring, which would remove the weirdness, and be very reasonable. Hopefully. He has to see the ring first.

What I would really like is a ring like this:

If remaking the ring isn't cost effective, then I think a simple band like this would be nice:

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Gail's Slouchy Bag

Gail's Slouchy Bag, originally uploaded by knittergail.

This is the newest slouchy bag. The main body is made up of part of a remnant from Denver Fabrics (the physical store, not the website). It's upholstery weight. the lining and handles are from Joann's, and are decorator weight. I'm still not quite feeling the handles in relation to the main body of the bag - the picture is a little misleading - the lighter areas aren't actually blue - they are more of a silvery beige.