March 13th, 2009

baby redhead knitter

Ari is a very smart boy!

He sent me this email this morning! Gumby the cat helped.

Auntie Gail,

Gumby is helping me with the email. I have to complain about Mommy and Daddy's morning routine. It is not good fun snuggles like when you are here. Last night momma and I spent the night on the couch together and I learned how to nurse while she slept. Then i turned into a fussbudget around 5 am just in time for Dad to take care of me. Then they tricked me, Mom took me back and nursered me. I feel asleep really deep then the next thing i know i wake up in my crib, upstairs, ALONE and I was stinky.

It is all very bad, plus look how bad Daddy is at taking pics?

He enclosed two pictures.

First, the one of us having our morning snuggles.

Gail and Ari's Morning Snuggle

And this one Aimee and Mark took when they were getting a photo for their announcements. It's from two days ago - look at all his dark dark hair now!

How many fingers do I have?