Me! (platys) wrote,

Wedding Band Decisions

So, Aimee offered the wedding band from her first marriage for me to use. My mom actually bought the band, and its very nice - 14k white gold, a half carat worth of nice diamonds, size 6.

Freddy is Holding the ring hostage

Aimee and I had decided to do the funniest cleansing ceremony in the history of the world (It would involve margaritas, candles and wigs), but Kevin still felt all weird about it.

So, he talked to our jeweler, and he said that its possible he could remake the ring, which would remove the weirdness, and be very reasonable. Hopefully. He has to see the ring first.

What I would really like is a ring like this:

If remaking the ring isn't cost effective, then I think a simple band like this would be nice:


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