Me! (platys) wrote,

does anyone even read over here anymore?


So, SPSS, my old employer of 8.5 years, is being bought by IBM. For 50 dollars a share, cash.

It's very odd. It doesn't help that when I left about 2.5 years ago, I had to exercise my 500 stock options. Which I did, and made about 3k, after taxes.

If I had stayed with the comapny, and exercised those today, I'd have made 15k. Ouch . ON the other hand, I'm much much happier at my new employer.

I do still have 16 shares of SPSS from the employee stock purchase program. So, I'll make 800, before taxes, on that. Most of that stock was bought relatively cheap, I think. I'll have to figure out the cost basis blahblahblah I suppose.

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